Raleincaren (pronounced ray-lin-cah-ren)

Naming Schemes

As you may already know, Elven naming schemes tend to have strange sounds and hyphenated last names. Male Elven names tend to have -el or -nul at the end of their last name, while female names tend to have -nel or -ul at the end of their last names, which many see as a sort of reversal of the male counterpart.

Raleincaren Elven History and Culture

When Raleincaren was discovered by Alpein Oden-el, it was barren, with almost no flora or fauna. This was soon changed by Alpein, when he started the initiative to plant trees and other flora around the small land mass. In fact, Raleincaren is so small that you could fit 4 versions of Raleincaren in Muhknura. The smallness of Raleincaren has proven helpful to the Elves, as other races do not see them as a threat. In Raleincaren, there are 3 areas. One houses mostly Wood Elves, one houses mostly High Elves, and one houses mostly Dark Elves. Elves are a very peaceful race, and because of this, there is very little discrimination in Raleincaren. The only discrimination tends to be towards Dark Elves, as they are seen as an inferior race from Orcs and Nords. The very small amount of Nords that inhabit Raleincaren tend to live with High Elves, as they resemble Humans the most.


Elves believe in Eowyn, the God of Sustainability. As Elves tend to be very sustainable, environmental creatures, it makes sense that their God is the creator of all land. Eowyn protects animals and land, but strangely, not Elves themselves. In Elven culture, you must be independent. You move away from your parents at a young age, you often live by yourself or with a partner, and living with people other than your partner is seen as taboo or weak. If he is protecting people, Eowyn only protects the disabled, as it is often difficult for them to be independent.

praise eowyn!