MUHKNURA (pronounced moo-ck-noo-rah)

Naming Schemes

All native males of Muhknura will have -threlline at the end of their name, e.g. Molkkanthrelline. All native females of Muhknura will have -throldanse at the end of their name, e.g. Mughesnathroldanse. Foreigners have noticed that Muhknuran names are very long, and this is because it is believed that long names grant your children good luck in life. If given a short name, in Muhknuran Orcish culture, it is said that your parents do not believe you deserve luck or prosperity in your life. In Muhknuran culture, many elders have Nu' as a prefix to their name, Nu' meaning old. This is why the hybrid of Ancient Nordic and Ancient Orcish, "Nu'laase" is named so. Nu'laase translates to Old Language.

Muhknuran History and Culture

Muhknura was discovered by Orcs in 1602, and it is on a planet of the same name. Many find it interesting that the planets in the ONE-3 system have the same names as the land masses on them. The planet of Muhknura is known for only having 1 land mass, similar to Pangaea. This land mass is covered with lush greenery, tall towering trees, and many farms. These farms tend to only have crops, and not much livestock. Lots of livestock was killed and not breeded beforehand during the Great Nordic War. Most citizens are surprisingly wealthy, even after multiple wars. In 1772, a small part of Muhknura was colonized by Nordic warriors. They came in search of precious and valuable resources, but instead found things much more valuable. A Nordic elder named Gudmend Brinnolf Melleken V discovered frost trolls, which Nords later used in their militia. Soon after enslaving the discovered frost trolls, they had half of Muhknura under their control. They named these lands Muddanchwolldokmann, which translates to Big White Lands. These Nords also pioneered the Nu'laase language, creating it so they could better understand Orcs. In 1893, a civil war was ignited, as Nords wanted more land in Muhknura, and Orcs wanted to reclaim Muddanchwolldokmann. This war went on until 1910, and it left the Nordic Militia in tatters. Frost trolls became extinct, and Nords were almost completely wiped from the Muhknuran population. Many Orcs reverted to Ancient Orcish, disgracing Nu'laase due to it's Nordic roots. This didn't last long, and Nu'laase is spoken in Muhknura to this day.


All Muhknuran Orcs follow Sahraant, the Stone of the Warrior. Legend has it, when Muhknura was first discovered, there was a single, towering stone. On the stone, a stanza was engraved. "When Sahraant is disrespected, everything created shall be affected. Do not desecrate this stone, or your name shall forever be known." To this day, when Sahraant is disrespected, the person who has disrespected them is imprisoned for the rest of their days.

praise sahraant!