AKKTULCH (pronounced ack-tulch)

Naming Schemes

Akktulch is known for housing Nords and a small number of High Elves, and so their language is a hybrid of the two. With hyphenated names, High Elves influenced recent Nordic naming schemes. There are 2 spoken languages in Akktulch, but the most common one is Simplified Nordic. The other language is Ancient Nordic, which is only spoken by Elders in tribes. Males in Akktulch often have 3 names. A first name, middle name, and last name. Females in Akktulch are similar, but their middle name must always be their mother/matriarchal carer’s first name.

Akktulchi History and Culture

Akktulch was discovered in 332 B.C. by explorer Nuchdell Montahr Skjoll. He first conquered half of Akktulch before it broke off in 506 B.C., and when the two halves were separated, the other half was conquered by a High Elven explorer called Alpein Oden-El. Alpein was the first High Elf to be discovered in the ONE-3 system, and kindled the Elven Revolt when 3 Elven races conquered Raleincaren. When part of Akktulch was accidentally destroyed by Dark Elves in 1053 while the Royal Family of Bjornden was in ruling, King Steintand II made it punishable by death for any Elves to enter Akktulch. When the Royal Family was no longer in ruling after King Steintand IV was assassinated in 1246, this law, and most others created by King Steintand I, II, III and IV were dissolved. This was celebrated with week-long festivals, dubbed Kjullden. Kjullden is still celebrated to this day, and it symbolizes peace between Nords and Elves. Of course, in 1772 Nords discovered Muhknura and the precious resources that it held. They colonized Muddanchwolldokmann, but you already know the story of Nords and Orcs. When Afastr Meldech Brolmann II assassinated Brochmontothrelline VIII, this was a win for some Nords, but many Nords disgraced Afastr, and would not let him into taverns.


Most Nords follow the religion of the 2 Ultimates, Asmund and Aslaug, the Ultimates of Feasts and Mead, respectively. This Religion is often referred to as Ultimatism, but historians have called it Ancient Ultimatism and Yohkklundas, a rough translation of Ultimate from Simplified Nordic. This Religion was created by Afastr Meldech Brolmann II’s great-uncle, Asgeir Njeir Brolmann I. It is said that Asmund, the Ultimate of Feasts, came to Asgeir in a dream to tell him 3 commandments.

  • Never lie.
  • Never disrespect your elder.
  • Always put love into a feast.
  • Asgeir wrote these down as soon as he woke up, and shared this with Afastr’s father, Afastr I. Afastr I shared this with his village and local tavern, and this religion was widely spread. Soon, many taverngoers claimed that Aslaug, the Ultimate of Mead came to their tavern and told them to be kind to their parents, and to make the best mead you could possibly make, using only the best honey and berries.

    praise the ultimates!